Howard Fensterman Hosts Bill De Blasio

Howard Fensterman, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and Abrams Fensterman Attorney Frank CaroneIn October, 2013, Mr. Fensterman hosted a fundraiser for then NYC mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio at his Long Island residence, where over ninety Long Island community leaders gathered to show their support for the Democratic nominee.

“Bill de Blasio is going to pursue a strategy that will result in a stronger New York City and in so doing, will add to the vitality of Nassau and Suffolk Counties." stated Mr. Fensterman.

Indeed, the Mayor is keeping to his word. 

Just some of the work he has already done is listed below:

Affordability & Housing
A 10-year Housing plan that will create 200,000 affordable homes within the city

Building more jobs
100,000 more jobs are scheduled with emphasis on science and research in order to make the city a world leader in high-tech innovations.

Public Safety
Contrary to the stereotyped image that some people have of New York City, it is actually the safest large city in the country and the Mayor has initiatives to ensure it stays that way.

Howard stated "Bill de Blasio is committed to fighting the income inequality that has created a ‘Tale of Two Cities’ across the five boroughs. Mayor de Blasio believes all New Yorkers deserve a chance to succeed in the greatest city on earth. That means every child gets a quality education, every community is safe, and every New Yorker has an affordable place to call home." 

He also pointed out "What was once considered a sleepy ‘bedroom’ community on the outskirts of Manhattan, Long Island is now recognized for its dynamic, well educated talent pool that is vital to New York City, and for its local businesses, large and small, that help make the Greater New York area one of the most vibrant economic engines in the country. Bill de Blasio understands the interrelationship between New York City and Long Island. His policies will benefit New York and Long Island residents.”

July 2016. Howard Fensterman hosted another fundraiser for Mayor Bill de Blasio. (In the photo above: L-R: Howard Fensterman, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, Abrams, Fensterman partner Frank Carone).